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One thing you are guaranteed to see in a professionally designed interior is books. Lots and lots of books!

Tip #4 – Little Libraries

Books are a great way to style your home. Whether you are lucky enough to have an actual library or create your very own mini one, they are great talking points. Take some of your favourite books and stack them on your coffee or console table. It’s a great way to add to a small grouping of objects as you can decrease or increase the height accordingly.

Books are also fantastic for bringing some personality into your design. The books you read can speak volumes about you, your personality and your interests. You can implement every design element perfectly but what good is a home with no heart?

White renovated farmhouse in Sweden 4

Source: http://www.blog.jelanieshop.com

Books are a wonderful addition to any tablescape (a tablescape is a artistically arranged collection of objects for…

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