Some interesting future-thoughts on bricks and mortar vs clicks and oughta.

the future of space

Is this the future of retail? Is this the future of shopping?

‘Ask an Expert’ is an opportunity for you to have your questions about working, learning and living spaces answered by our panel of experts.

This week’s expert is David Grant, Strategy Director of Place Associates a property consultancy that creates strategies for activating retail, commercial, hospitality and mixed-use places.  David gives us his 3 key plans for managing the impact of online shopping on ‘bricks and mortar’ retail.

Dear Expert,

I am a marketing manager based at a retail centre in an outer suburban area of Sydney, 48,000 GLA in size.  I’m concerned about the future impact of online retail and wondered what steps we could take to ensure that our customers are not distracted by the lure of buying from home and not visiting the centre.

From Enquiring Mind, Sydney

Dear Enquiring Mind,

Thank you for your question – it is certainly a relevant concern for most owners and operators of…

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