A shop to die for. Great looking retail design.



Kois Associated Architects designed the pastry shop, named Sweet Alchemy, for celebrity pastry chef Stelios Parliaros. “Alchemy” is a notion associated with mystery practiced in laboratories full of peculiar enigmatic potions. Probably this image was the starting point for the development of a central idea from the architect.


According  to Stelios Kois, “The space is characterized by the high degree of transparency which was manipulated in order to diffuse the light and filter the optic penetration. The role of light was highly regarded and thoroughly studied since the beginning in order to create a unique solution for the particular location and user. Light and shadow change throughout the day giving the space a unique atmosphere every moment. Serenity is followed by tension and drama…


…The punctured bronze skin of the main facades creates the impression of the chamber of treasures, of the golden cage which encloses the precious, the rare…

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