welcome to the blogosphere. You’re setting yourself up to be shot at with that image. Admittedly only from 17th century archers called William.


Hey there, readers! I guess it’s only suitable for my very. first. blog. post. ever! to be a get-to-know me pow-wow, right? Well here I am, in the er– virtflesh, willing to spill my soul to your eager eyes. As my little tagline says– Yes. I’m in my 20’s. Yes, I’m a Registered Nurse in Good Ole Georgia! Yes, I’m happily taken and living my semi-charmed life with the man that was created soully (Like what I did there?) for me. And YES, just like millions of other 20-something female bloggers, the majority of my posts will be about fashion, amateur interior design endeavors, soiree-planning, travel, and you guessed it- DIY’s!

In fact, I just launched my own little mini boutique to sell the little lovelies that I’ve hand-crafted. It is in its infancy, so not much is on there yet, but it will primarily be handmade jewelry, some homemade…

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