Looks amazing. How would you get the spider’s web off the ceiling after a few months? ūüôā

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A smooth, curved concrete shell forms the exterior of this art studio in Boeotia, central Greece by Athens studio A31 Architecture. A31 Architecture designed the space as a combined studio and gallery for an artist, creating a place adjacent to his home where he can hang paintings and simultaneously construct large sculptures.


A wooden door is set into the double-height glass-fronted entrance, accessed by an open concrete patio area.¬†Inside, floating steps protrude out from the side of one wall in the large downstairs workspace, leading to a mezzanine attic level that is used for storage.¬†The concrete steps also double as exhibition space for small sculptures.¬†Thin sections of concrete have been cut from the exterior to form windows and the blocks that were removed are now in use as benches and plinths.¬†‚ÄúThe space created is open, friendly, solemn, and simple,‚ÄĚ said architect¬†Praxitelis Kondylis. ‚ÄúIt forms part of the nature as if it has been standing there for‚Ķ

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