An interior designer COULD be expensive. But then again so could doing it yourself and making a mistake! An experienced interior designer could minimise significant risks on a large interiors project that you have coming up. Would also free up a lot of your own time to do something else. I guess though many end-clients fancy themselves as interior designers so actively want to do it themselves. A good service for a true interior designer to offer could be a MENTORING SERVICE where you help such people and then you are in the right palce to take over if it all goes wrong. you’d get paid for it for no risk and you would get to advise on the creative bits rather than get involved in all the nitty gritty non-creative project management.

Fairfax & Scott Interiors and Design


If you’ve ever thought about working with an interior designer, some doubts might have stopped you cold. Fearing it would be too expensive, or that you’d get stuck with a room you wouldn’t like, you may have given upon the idea altogether. However, using a design professional can, and should, be a good experience and it doesn’t haveto go over your budget.

Working with a designer can save you money in many situations, by allocating resources wisely, eliminating decorating mistakes and increasing creative thinking about your project.

Communicate with your designer: Listen. Talk. Listen. That’s it in nutshell. Be frank about your budget limitations (everyone has them).

Prepare yourself: Decide on a budget. Collect colour swatches and pictures to illustrate what you like and don’t like. Think about the furniture pieces you hope to keep. Listen to all ideas, but never go against your heart.

Which brings us to money:…

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