There’s plenty of ways to keep warm. Leave the firewood to those that need it.

June's Child

SO. Mum and Dad are in Hawaii. And I’m cat sitting. We have a standard, functioning fireplace, or at least we would if Dad hadn’t, for some sort of SICK JOKE, locked all the firewood up in the shed before he left. So now I’m freezing, but thinking warm thoughts with my latest post.


Looking at these photos makes me want to run up and swipe my arm underneath them. I can’t get over how amazing these are. A fireplace should be a focal point of every living area, and wouldn’t it be terrific if everyone’s focal point were as gorgeous as these. They’re like a mid-century inspired orb sculpture that actually gives off heat. Here’s some ones I really like:


Oblica in Melbourne plays host to Focus, who make these stunning suspended fireplaces.


The BathyscaFocus Hublot Suspended Fireplace


The ErgoFocus Suspended Fireplace

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