Yep it’s a good idea, especially in commercial spaces. We even got asked for faux leather for contract curtains recently – the ultimate black-out window treatment. Great in terms of cleanability although you have to be very careful when specifying the FR compliance.



FINDS - Leather for Walls - Garrett Leather Wall Tiles

This month we are skipping our usual fabric textiles and replacing it with a manlier item.  Leather!  Even better we don’t just want to use the leather to upholster a chair, bench, or ottoman.  We are using it in a way that adds a very masculine feel to the room.  It should be added to the walls.  I don’t know about everyone else out there, but I love to use a different type of treatment on the walls, paint in a fun pattern, wall covering, wood, you name it, if it is different and creative then I love it.  I can’t say the same for my other half.  Although he loves creative things as much as I do, some of the patterns and ideas are just a little too feminine for a guy to jump on board with.  Seeing as how this month is all about a space strictly for…

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