Yes I think personality is key. Should it be the personality of the designer or the client. Maybe one or the other’s personality if the other party doesn’t have one 😉

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From the finest showrooms in Paris to the hidden gems of eBay, Interior Designer Kishani Perera fuses the two to create beautiful spaces that span time and genres.

The LA-based designer blends the reclaimed with refined, the ordinary with ornamental, and for this she has attracted a loyal following who’ve come to depend on her imagination and inventive use of resources to cultivate homes that are both chic and liveable.

“I believe the mix of high and low creates interest and character,” said Kishani. “If you rigidly adhere to specific genres, specific price points, or even a specific vibe throughout, the end result can be uninteresting and flat.

“Just as people are complex and multidimensional, I feel their homes should be as well, reflecting all aspects of their personalities.”

It’s this high low fusion that’s garnered attention from Hollywood’s elite including Rachel Bilson. Kishani designed the interior of her…

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