Great shade. Nice colours, textures and curves. It has it all.


Lighting is a very important part of the overall finish of a design.
Lighting can make or break some rooms and picking the right light fittings to go with
the style of the room is very important.

I love lights. I love feature lights. I just love everything about how lights and colour can transform
spaces and create a beautiful area with just the selection of a few products.

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Beautiful simple pendants that will give spaces a touch of elegance. They are just stunning!
all these images are from my pinterest page

    5be7fae8498f2db9581ce2d631d89b7b       306ebc8a6e524f7e4c2b0cd8e549d4b9

 More pendants that can act as simply stunning features for any room!
I love, love, love the matt black and gloss chrome combination in the last image!
all these images are from my pinterest page



 Just some more beautiful ways lights can make simple little areas look amazing!
all these images…

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