An interesting interview with Eric Roth. There are very many interior/architectural photographers out there, choosing a good one can be a daunting prospect.

Interiors for Families

I recently had the opportunity to work with one of the best and most experienced interior and architectural photographers in the business – Eric Roth. He produced all of the images in my online portfolio, but is of course far better known for his spectacular work for little shelter magazines like Traditional Home, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Design New England, New England Home, and Better Homes & Gardens, to name just a few. Though you would never know it by talking to him (truly one of the nicest guys there is, no ego whatsoever), he’s kind of a big deal.

Eric Roth | Boston.com | via Interiors For Families

via Boston.com

Through his lens, Eric has had the unique opportunity to see some of the most beautifully designed homes across the country. I naturally had a lot of questions for him about what he has seen and experienced during his prolific career so far (especially related to…

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