simple, plain white upholstery, love it

Classic Cougar Style

La Galleria1 La Galleria Contemporary White Flair Living Room Set

Pam of La Galleria has gone and done it…again.  This contemporary white flair living room set is just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.  There is something to be said for simple white furnishings.  One can pull in so many colorful accessory options to change the look and feel of a room, and today I am going to show you just a sampling of what Pam puts into her designs as far as textures and accessories.

La Galleria Collage Sampling of texture and accessory options

As I said, this is just a small sampling.  The living room set with everything shown in the first photo is a total of 61 LI.   Now that is a lot of bang for your land impact.  I am including a teleport directly to the contemporary set.  See, I make it easy for you 🙂  Be kind to one another.  TWMA 🙂


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