I’m not sure that I really like the end result. That’s probably my personal lack of taste. Nevertheless there is a great contrast of textures and colours in, what might be, a small space. Interesting.

Showcase Designs

Marty Mason Collected Home is well-known for their inspired design ideas, talented interior designers, and brilliant furniture design.  We look on their blog weekly for a new design inspiration or idea.  What will they think of next?

Collected Thoughts from the design bar blog from Marty Mason Collected Home.

Incredible ideas, fashionable trends, and the latest furniture ideas can be found on their blog.  The latest posts including “Accessorizing Your Guest Room“, “How to Pick Wall Art“, and “Heat Up the Look of Your Fireplace“.  You can find ideas for any room of your home.

Accessorizing your Guest room from the Marty Mason Collected Home Blog.

Decorate with style and take some tips from the Marty Mason Collected Home Blog.  Giving a shout out to a furniture store that has done it right and continues to incite ideas and brilliance!

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