Like the angle of the photo…interesting

Circa Dee

Surfaced amongst many holiday projects this weekend was this gem of a vanity stool.  I’ve had it “on deck” for a while actually.  It simply needed some TLC in the form of upholstery and a proper seat cushion.

Leopard Vanity Stool

The before shot of this stool is kind of comical.  It was topped with a toilet seat cover over part of an egg carton.

vanity before

Finally, I got down to the bare bones of the seat so I could start from scratch.

Leopard Vanity Stool

That is when I cut out a 1 inch foam cushion and then secured and covered it with batting.

Leopard Vanity Stool

Followed by some sassy leopard fabric.  Much better.

  Leopard Vanity Stool

I love a simple vanity stool in a classic leopard.  It doesn’t get anymore feminine.

Leopard Vanity Stool

In fact, I don’t even think this stool needs to be paired with a vanity to be complete.  It would be a great accent in a dressing room…

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