Was there recently…great stuff.

Light Curiosité

ZHA_Serpentine Sackler Gallery_07Photo by Luke Hayes

Since September 28th, the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park has opened a second space dedicated to art. Situated just few yards away from their original gallery on the North side of Serpentine bridge, the new place (a former 19th century gunpowder store!) has been totally restored and more interestingly transformed by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Her design has added a completely new and contrasting structure to the original neo-classical building. All the walls are made of curved frameless glass toped by an undulating canopy roof creating a light, airy, transparent and very contemporary space.

Serpentine 2

The architect has also beautifully played with light. Natural light comes not only from the glass walls but more strikingly through the curved roof via 5 internal columns that open up to the sky. External light pours from these columns and the columns shapes are themselves underlined by a circular ray…

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