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We’ve scoured the net to find and list the sites we know and love. Some you already know, some you will love once you see them for the first time. Either way enjoy the depth and variety of the information on our industry and don’t forget to see which ones are voted as the ‘best’ at the end of this article – you can vote for your favourite too.

These are all sites that might be useful for interior designers rather than ones created by interior designers (or their suppliers) to promote their business. Maybe they provide a nice showcase or perhaps just a tad of inspiration in a seemingly never-ending sea of banality. Enjoy!

In no particular order then:

  1. Houzz.com – probably one of the best resources.
  2. pinterest.com – yep, you know that one too
  3. saniapell.com/athomeblog – At Home !! Best Image Curation !!
  4. Dezeen – Architecture, Interiors, Design
  5. Design Spotter
  6. The Business Bible For Interior Designers
  7. worldinteriordesignnetwork.com
  8. wallpaper.com
  9. decofinder.co.uk
  10. archpaper.com
  11. thehousedirectory.com
  12. designboom.com
  13. echochamber.com Retail matters
  14. thecoolhunter.co.uk Roaming the UK and the globe so you’re in the know
  15. roomreveal.com – Like Houzz
  16. design-milk.com
  17. Remodelista – Sourcebook for considered living
  18. http://www.architecturaldigest.com/
  19. architonic.com
  20. homeshoppingspy.com – Irresistible home buys you will love
  21. emmas.blogg.se – Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective
  22. The Fabric Blog
  23. thebeatthatmyheartskipped.co.uk – Dedicated to daily design inspiration   !! BEST NAME !!
  24. icreatived.com – Interesting Creative Designs. Find a different world in site..
  25. Apartment Therapy
  26. paper.li/JaffeDesign/1323302539
  27. My friend’s house
  28. Pachadesign
  29. Moon to Moon – Sharing the best in eclectic Interior design from across the web
  30. The Selby – is in your place
  31. Design Sponge
  32. Design Squish
  33. The Accessorator – Musings from Judi Roaman
  34. A Library of Design
  35. Slim Paley – Cats, Queens and other things
  36. A Bloomsbury Life – Within Shopping distance of Hollywood and Vine
  37. Design Tripper
  38. Herriott Grace –  A savings account for things I like
  39. Emerson Merrick
  40. Even Cleveland
  41. Past Imperfect
  42. Moco Loco – Design Interiors, Art Architecture
  43. wowhaus.co.uk – Wow property for sale
  44. brightbazaarblog.com – quintessentially colourful
  45. roomenvy.co.uk – Dedicated to finding the latest lust-have schemes
  46. thepeakofchic.blogspot.co.uk – Musing on stylish living
  47. Arianna Interiors – the woman rocking the world of interiors
  48. bibleofbritishtaste.com/category/houses
  49. ikeahackers.net
  50. designshuffle.com/blog
  51. witandwhistle.com/blog – Stylishly quirky paper goods
  52. thishomesweethome.blogspot.co.uk – Interiors DIY inspiration
  53. designismine.blogspot.com – bringing on the inspiration
  54. klausandheidi.wordpress.com
  55. arowantree.blogspot.co.uk
  56. talesfromahappyhouse.blogspot.co.uk
  57. mylittleorangery.com
  58. printpattern.blogspot.co.uk
  59. designspiration.net
  60. ardesiadesign.co.uk/blog
  61. stephmodo.com – Where practical meets pretty
  62. dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.co.uk
  63. decor8blog.com – fresh finds, inspiring interiors and ideas
  64. whatsinyourbedroom.blogspot.co.uk
  65. Fresh Design Blog
  66. The Design Sheppard – Rounding up the very best in interior design today
  67. Isak Blog
  68. InHabitat – design will serve the world (and show you quite a few adverts…)
  69. Web Urbanist – Daily New Articles Featuring Architecture, Art, Design, Travel, & Technology
  70. Swiss Miss
  71. Desire to Inspire
  72. Better Living through Design – Your design guide to home and style
  73. Freshome – Design & Architecture
  74. Trendir – Home decorating trends
  75. the style files
  76. Sub-Studio Design Blog – a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float our boat
  77. Funfurde – Funky.  Furniture.  And. Design.
  78. Contemporist
  79. GrassrootsModern
  80. 2Modern Design Talk
  81. Coochicoos – a design blog for modern parents
  82. Home Design Find
  83. Haute Nature
  84. Hatch: The Design Public Blog – Fresh new design
  85. Gaile Guevara
  86. Breathe Modern
  87. ProjectDecor
  88. Belle Maison 23 – Inspirational finds for creating a beautiful home
  89. archiproducts.com
  90. archello.com/en/products
  91. http://www.stylepark.com/
  92. http://www.materia.nl/
  93. designaddict.com/
  94. iconicdutch.com/uk
  95. carlaaston.com
  96. mydesignsource.com
  97. modenus.com/
  98. Yanko Design – Form beyond function


As the cleverer ones amongst you have spotted there are not YET the 99 promised. Suggest more to me using the voting mechanism below (you can add voting options)….

Please LIKE or SHARE … it keeps us sane to know that you are out there benefitting from the information WE share. XOXOXOX

Now VOTE for your FAVOURITES – you have ONE CHANCE to vote but you can vote for lots of sites in that one voting chance. You can also add your own website or blog to the list if you feel brave enough in the face of very stiff competition!! If you get ‘lots’ of votes I’ll add you to the list with a link 😉 But YOU can only vote once.

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74 thoughts on “|* 99 *| Top Interior Design Websites & Blogs for 2014, Leading Interior Designers London > UK> Europe > World

  1. Hello,

    This is a great list so far.

    Would you consider adding us? 🙂

    Alchemy Design Resources have found jobs for Interior Designers and Lighting Designers all over the world. (London, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bahrain…)

    We also have useful tips for Designer jobseekers:


    We are working on a Graduate area, a resource library / directory (ff&e, etc) and a freelance / contract site.

    I would be delighted to be included.

    Kind Regards,

    Marc Wakefield
    Alchemy Design Resources Limited


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  4. Hi Natalie, Thanks for including my blog The Design Sheppard in the list at #66. I feel honoured!! My blog is also in the voting list but under its former name staceysheppard.wordpress.com. Is there any way to recognise them as the same blog for voting? Don’t want to miss out on any important votes! 😉


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  6. Hey Nathalie – I,ve just seen this fab list you,ve created 🙂 I can,t resist telling you about House of Moloko, a Homes and Interiors platform built to connect interior designers, brands and design enthusiasts. We are very excited to be be launching this week. Among other things it will be a great resource for interior designers. I hope to see our name right there at the top next year! Thanks


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  14. Hi Nathalie,
    would you consider adding my site to your list. My site is http://www.the-interiordesign.com/en/.

    TID comes from the idea of a group of passionate young people and designers, whose aim is to individuate and show the huge value of this work, sometimes underestimated. Our objective is the realization of a network where ideas can freely flow into design’s world so that demand and supply can merge together in a simpler and effective way.



    Liked by 1 person

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    • Hi. nice website you have there. The list is more geared towards resources for interior designers rather than interior designers per se. tho of course some sites can be inspiration. If you add you site to the poll and others vote for it too we will include it.


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  19. Hi Nathalie,

    nice post, just found some blog I didn’t know before. I usually search directly in retail shops or do an online research to see what the manufacturers are offering at the moment. I prefer modern designs, here a suggestion for you – interior-deluxe. I hope you keep posting about interior design in the future, your blog is among the best ones. 🙂


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  31. A debt of gratitude is in order for setting aside the opportunity to examine this, I feel emphatically about it and love discovering extra on this theme. In the event that doable, as you obtain aptitude, would you musings overhauling your blog with a great deal more points of interest? It is amazingly valuable for me. Visit: http://vaazinterior.com


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