Why hire an interior designer – thoughts from an interior designer

The Luxe Minimalist

One of the reasons clients hire you as an interior designer is because we bring to the table a whole different way of thinking about a space.

The very coolest interiors in my book are the ones that are not symmetrically styled to within an inch of their lives.

Anyone can line up accessories on a shelf, the magic comes by mixing contemporary and antique pieces to give you the coolest home.

What is the first thing you think about when I say the words ‘interior designer’? When asked, most people would reply ‘Oh, I can’t afford one’.

What we should be talking about is a designer that can add value to your home and can also lower the costs of your renovation. It’s amazing that folks spend their well-earned dosh on clothes stylists, but the financial stakes of getting it wrong in your interior are far, far higher.


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12 thoughts on “Interior designer – why hire one?

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