Office PURE GRUPPEHere are all (most) of our articles on “the business” of interior design. Sales and marketing resources for a modern digital world.

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  1. business-tips-for-interior-designers
  2. 9-common-interior-design-mistakes-marketing
  3. 9.5-ways-for-interior-designers-to-make-more-money-profit
  4. interior-designers-get-more-customers-on-your-website
  5. Interior-designers-boosting-your-position-in-google-search-results
  6. the-proactive-interior-designer-1-0-1
  7. 6-things-that-interior-designers-do-wrong-on-their-web-sites
  8. interior-designers-5-and-a-half-ways-to-twitter-badly
  9. pitching-winning-managing-business-for-interior-designers
  10. use-pinterest-more-to-generate-interest
  11. facebook-interior-designers-10-steps-to-setup
  12. retail-interior-designers-8-ways-to-sell-more
  13. bad-things-they-say-about-interior-designers
  14. interior-designers-facebook-4-ways-to-correctly-use-it
  15. 7-facebook-mistakes-interior-designers-make
  16. designers-twitter-is-rubbish-use-twitter
  17. interior-design-marketing-2010-predictions
  18. designers-what-to-blog-about
  19. spying-on-competitors-staying-ahead
  20. interior-designer-did-your-web-site-just-popp-up-in-my-search
  21. interior-design-marketing-strategies
  22. facebook-adwords-effective-ad-writing-for-interior-designers
  23. interior-designers-facebook-key-elements-for-your-fan-page
  24. designers-interior-design-links-how-to-get-them
  25. target-markets-for-interior-designers-interior-design-marketing-strategy-2012
  26. interior-designers-an-update-on-using-facebook-linkedin-wordpress-blogs-and-twitter
  27. interior-designers-in-2012-how-do-people-find-you-on-the-web
  28. interior-designers-how-to-specify-a-luxury-cashmere-throw-for-your-client-projects
  29. an-interior-designer-gets-lots-of-web-visitors-but-few-leads-enquiries
  30. interior-designers-ipad-essential-apps
  31. interior-designers-to-houzz-or-not-to-houzz
  32. who-is-the-best-interior-designer-in-the-world
  33. interior-designers-and-their-financially-lucrative-bit-on-the-side
  34. interior-design-marketing-strategy-business-strategies-plan-for-designers-2012
  35. interior-designers-what-should-i-write-about-on-my-blog
  36. pinterest-and-customer-interest-interior-designers-pin-their-boards-to-the-wall
  37. interior-designers-why-does-no-one-visit-your-web-site
  38. marketing-strategies-interior-designers-consider-these-areas
  39. interior-designers-how-good-is-your-brands-colour/
  40. how-to-create-a-bad-digital-first-impression-for-interior-designer/
  41. sponsored-blog-post-by-interior-designers-charge-fair-rates-stop-getting-conned/

For more information on luxury cashmere throws or to request cuttings please visit www.kothea.com.  For black faux leather upholstery fabrics try <here> and for mohair velvet and mohair velvet upholstery fabric please follow the links.  Upholstery Linen is also one of our specialities as are luxury  silk velvet  fabrics.

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