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Concept and Theme, they are the spirit of your room! I trully realize them when i tried to present my projects to my own client (every client). and believe me, presentation like a story telling similarly. *but without scheme/material board for sure =p *without nerves and high beat in your heart to showed to your beloved kids

When someone believing you that you can make something different, is one of the first good comment for start. then,when someone giving you a rough project, that’s mean they can giving their trust away to you.  when someone keep asking you ‘how,when and where’,means GOAL!

Step by step :

  1. Concept  : is the main of anything you wanna to design or create of your plain room and Theme : is the sub-from concept
  2. Try to persuade
  3. Promote, Offer and Give final realistic
  4. Evaluate and gain more response
  5. Pictures based on  real project


Konsep dan Tema, mereka lah jiwa dari dalam…

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